Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark

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Game Alone in the Dark is a wonderful game with beautiful graphics for Android has become the top PlayStation 1 a horror game series Resident Evil rival the Bashd.dastan the game that starts where strange things happen in the Mysterious Island in Massachusetts.And the bodies found along the beach. A mad scientist is trying to revive an ancient power on the island.You take on the role of Edward and she can play two characters, each with their own weapons and ammunition.In this game you will be faced with a lot of puzzles to solve and encounter with the fearsome creatures that destroy them.

You can save your game at any point in the game it's enough to click the Back button and then select Save. To load a saved game, select the rewind button click and load.

Note:Playing with a special style compression download and install the game to decompress after that might take 3 minutes and you need 600 MB of free space.

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