Learning Korean language 1(audio)

Learning Korean language 1(audio)

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Learn Korean in the 80th session of the guarantee (Two level and each level has 30 sessions in a separate). The program includes 30 lessons which each is 30 minutes. Learn a lesson every day and, if necessary, the next day repeat the same lesson. By doing this you don't need to know the grammar for learning Korean. In addition, with the help of this program, you will improve your English language.

You may be wondering how?

It is enough that you are somewhat familiar to English (know some words in English). Any word or phrase that can be expressed in Korean, it will be explained in English. So after 80 sessions you will learn the Korean language and to some extent familiar with the English language.

Try, It certainly will not regret you!!!

Note: In this program there is no persian explaInation and all explaination is in simple English language.

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