Increase kids intelligence

Increase kids intelligence

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Did you know that parents can boost theirs child's IQ by 30 to 40%؟!

Do you like your child to estimate the IQ and compare with other children؟!

Do you like your child discover the talents and skills!؟

Do you want to know what the symptoms of a child prodigy and if your child has these symptoms?! 

Do you want to learn different ways to increase children's intelligence and your baby's intelligence by 30 to 40 percent increase?!

Do you want to know what toys and games to increase your child's intelligence?

So do not miss this application! From now to think of your child's future!

Your child can not build prosperity alone their mental abilities and intelligence role of parents in raising children is very important!

App Contents:

_ variety of children's intelligence

_ The world's smartest kids

_ IQ test for children 4 to 10 years

_ Symptoms of a child prodigy

_ Talent and explore the children's skills

_ 30 ways and 7 point to boost children's intelligence

_ The influence of heredity on intelligence

_ Important advice for pregnant women

_ Food affecting the fetus intelligence

_ Terms of exercise during pregnancy

_ Useful foods to boost children's intelligence

_ Useful  toys to increase children's intelligence

_ Toys beneficial for mental and physical development of children

_ Advantages and disadvantages of digital games

_ Important tips for exercising children

_ Music is very important impact on children's intelligence

_ Spiritual intelligence and spiritual intelligence Children ways to strengthen

_ and etc


App Features:

_ Beautiful background songs

_ Beautiful interface and unique

_ Completely separate content for easier reading

_ The possibility of intelligent search for words in all content

_ Ability to change the font, font size and color

_ Allows you to adjust the distance between the lines




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