Entrance is in your hands

Entrance is in your hands

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Full-time teaching of third and fourth year high schools in English

Glossary of Farsi Literature in third and fourth year high schools

Added High School Courses

Added exam questions 96

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* Please read the contents carefully until the end of the study *

* Do you know your mobile phone, guarantor of your success in the exam?

* Do you know that the exam enthusiasts did not come from Mars?

* Do you know this software is completely simulated with exam?

* Do you know that in this application, successful examiners (past time) have revealed their success?

Software is completely different from other similar software

This software includes special features:

National General Testing + Key and Detailed Answer Responses

Having a special section (counseling, teaching, bug fixing (user inquiries)

Contingency Budgeting


Select the field


Featured news sites

Introducing Universities of Iran and the World

How to study?

Repeat questions

Features of this application:

Has 2355 questions and a complete answer!

Completely offline and no need for internet

Fix, fix bug in the shortest possible time

Presentations of successful people at the exam

How to succeed in the exam?

Ability to copy and share content

Has a nice menu with user choice

Note: The design and selection of the menu is based on the fluorescence colors

Note: The following is completely free and always active in this application.

* General Funding Budgeting section

* General questions of the year 95

* Consultation

* Dialog with successful people (from all disciplines)

* All key responses are enabled

* Added how to enable the app

* The grammar of the first lesson of each year (third and fourth)

* Geology Chapter 1 and 5

* Biology Chapter 1 & 5

* Literary vocabulary (letters (a, b, c, f, c) of literature)

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Email: milad6764@gmail.com

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