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Theology and theism like spring is clear and clean dirty scraper, the belief that the universe emerged from a wise providence and goodness and mercy and delivery system based on the existence of creatures based on worthy virtues and all creatures military Coordinated on the one hand and moving towards a development center. According to this belief every particle of the particles is the presence of Almighty God, knowing and leaves office in Krdgar is knowledge. The creation of any of vain and useless and without purpose and the world with a series of decisive military that called divine tradition, is managed. Theistic sense and spirit and purpose of life and human life because the man puts in the way of perfection that no set stops.

Theist man happy and confident and has a high and holy purpose. Following the belief that the commitment and responsibility of individuals against each other to find meaning and one horrific fall in the valley of nihilism and nihilism, and nihilism be saved. According to the magazine's approach is based on practical look at the major issues and the importance of this issue and the effects and benefits of belief in God in the context of human life and the programming, and the institutionalization of God, and the belief effort to strengthen the, the aim of this issue and collectors We hope readers by giving of ourselves, we help more than ever.


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