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The program consists of 4 parts:

Sewing 1- 2- 3- tunic embroidered doll 4 - creativity, which is a complete tutorial, step by step with the image provided.

Please "applied arts" than the other programs you download and, if pestering you, then check buys.

A subset of each section are as follows:

(Elements of):

Sewing Training baby sleeping mats

Sewing Training knot cushion

The simplest way to sewing cover furniture

Sewing handles two-sided

Sewing pin cushions in the shape of flowers

Sewing pillowcases with T-shirts

Sewing infuser way for stoves

How to find your size?

Table Measure 34-40

Table Measure 42-48

Table Measure 50-56

Clothing pattern 2 children up to 12 years

A conventional tent to tent National

Women's tops with simple sewing pattern

Sewing of stylish clothes for beautiful women

Lee's shirt sewing pattern

Spring training embroidery for clothing

Pattern Built-collar Rshal

Sewing Training poncho coats

Sewing Training sweatshirts simple aba

Sewing Training (collar Croatian)

Sewing Training skirts iPhone (by Mueller)

Katie training collar sew coats diplomat

Sewing skirts without pattern

Sewing and pattern Men's Shirts


Crocheting from beginner to professional training and tools introduced

Start weaving chain

Education crocheted: Stand tall texture

Education crocheted: short base and invisible textures

Motif connection method (1)

Motif connection method (2)

Control ball tissue crocheted

Training crocheted texture framed

Training beautiful doormat texture with a hook

Coasters tissue training (4 models)

Three-dimensional heart tissue with a hook

Education leaf motif fabric knitting Irish

Training beautiful scarves coarse texture

Strawberry texture

Education texture blanket with hook

Scotch tissue crocheted

Video tutorial knitting tassel

Stylish and lightweight texture bracelet

Training Application node Kvrkvdyl

Context of amaryllis outstanding

Texture multi-colored socks

Texture, color and cute owl

Training context baby blanket

Education knitted bags

Woven bags with two rods

The leg tissue

Shoes tissue for newborns

Weaving friendship bracelets

Fabric slippers shoes

(Doll embroidery s):

How to build a plastic dough or batter Fymv

Creating animated doll eyes

Making cloth dolls Bears

Manufacturing of a doll with a tissue

Build felt giraffe doll

Manufacturing of a doll Hajji Firuz

Riise making felting

Construction of lamb with polymer paste

Sewing Training doll dog with socks

Duck fabric sewing training

Create a doll bird fabric

Monkey statues

Making chicken with yarn

Create a doll Kamvayy

Construction of rabbit dolls with socks

Manufacturing of a doll with polystyrene cork

Production of Jute Dogs

Production of animated puppets (Dolly Doll)

Sewing Training doll cat

Creating a wooden doll


New decorative Easter eggs

Making gift baskets

Making chandelier with hemp

Photo printing on glass education at home

Men's Bracelet Leather Sewing Training

Create a briefcase girls

Pins and pearl necklace with

Making beautiful bracelets with pins

Creating brooch for children

Create a chair hanging tree

Simple ribbon embroidery new

Manufacture of leather strap

Sewing Training leather wallet for women

Creating Candlestick

How to make pumpkin pot correct?

Close Shawl

Painting on textile

Hairstyle 5 minutes!

Applied arts and crafts

Training ribbon roses

Production of cotton colorful pile of beautiful hair

How to make candles color and fantasy

Create a felt flower heads

Construction dragonfly brooch

Build a bouquet of roses fabric

A beautiful dress shopping bag

Production of Jute coasters

Construction shackles stylish and elegant pearl

( End )

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