Smart SMS Plus
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Smart SMS Plus is one of the most powerful and intelligent software in relation to the protection of SMS, Smart SMS, and delete messages classified ads.

The Smart SMS Plus software features include:
1. High security due to lack of permission to use the Internet to plan, public or private, password lock, automatic program for each category and password when the program
2. Easy and Smart SMS your category (for example, your spouse can use SMS text messaging to save important work in two different categories. After receiving the messages, the software transferred to the category of it protects.)
3. With multiple intelligent algorithms to detect the possible exception of advertising messages (eg, SMS Banking etc.)
4. Ability grouping or remove messages that contain certain text.
5. The user interface for reading messages classified Searchable, Copy, Send to a person identified by the study of unread SMS with the positions
6. Solar date in all parts of the program and save on SMS for solar
7. Easy access through the phone Nvtyfykshn (Announcement) function with date display, solar and Statistics
8. possibility of simulation software and data of the applied settings
9. Ability to provide backup of database applications (multiple backup) and restore them.
10. Reset the phone operates at low pressure and slow down the boot device
11. There is guidance in all areas of the program (please be sure to read it before using the program.)
12. Fully compatible with Go SMS Pro software

Smart SMS Plus native of artificial intelligence (Iranian) algorithm uses the Machine Laming Method (your machine learning) is used, so the more time that passes, the software is installed, it will also increase efficiency.
The interface is simple and elegant, simple guide and in all parts of the program and the proper use of the battery, high security smart Plus is the most striking feature of SMS.

Plus with Smart SMS SMS advertising to get comfortable, you have to lock text messages (SMS safe!), SMS to easily categorize your smartphone!

Your comments and suggestions are very important to us, please give us a feedback after you install and use your own benefit.

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