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In the name of Allah

In the 21st century technology for smart phones is gradually increasing and developing these technologies have affected all our lives.

or the unavailability of a reliable repair facility and ...) does not exist.

Or you can with the help of the program (Repaier Online Mobile) a repair professional work on 24-hour call and feel at home with Kmyy patiently disadvantages of the phone detects and using the Safe program their drawbacks fix . Or at least by the program have an understanding of the disadvantages of your phone.

Note that this program only software flaws smartphones are investigated and solved, although 90% of smartphone app today are problems.

Mobile Broadband can also raise the level of their knowledge and techniques of the training for maintenance use.

In this program you will learn

1. official drivers and how to install them Smartphones

2. Flash Tutorials Samsung phones for specialized

3-healing ankle Samsung phones (coming soon)

4. solve the problem drk Samsung phones (no box)

5-solve problem frp Samsung with a 3 way call and sms sidesyns and Vkambynyshn

6. explain and introduce the latest files and how to use Combination

7-teaching problem solving custom binary blocked by frp

8-solving error SW REV.Check Fail Device 4. Binary 3 Samsung

9-Train Hard reset all Samsung phones

10 Training remove user code without wiped Samsung phones to Android 6 (soon)

11. Trouble Off

12-resetting burst Samsung

13-blackened image after locking Samsung

14-solutions System.UI has stopped Error

15-issue hidden.img burn flash when Samsung

16-Flash tutorial Huawei phones (no box)

17-frp problem solving Nokia, Huawei (no box)

18-series training, the Huawei phones (no box)

19. Working on Nokia Asse

20-Flash Nokia 225 and 230, 130 and 216 without box

And several other necessary training ............

Note that mobile phones Repair software is not so complex that some people say not so much Sven that some people think ....

If possible, correct score and criticism help us improve the program.


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