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Version 2.2.9
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Category Education
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Last Update 2023 June 14
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Gejino is a platform for providing Geji online training. With Gajino, you can access the electronic version of all books and Gaj video service with special training courses and lesson plans. You can also participate in Gaj comprehensive tests online and receive a report card with balance and passing score, and by referring to the Gaj test bank, you can participate in the test unlimitedly with the topics you want.

Special training courses

Studying these days is not just spending hours on books and pamphlets, studying can be more interesting if it is accompanied by special Gajino courses. With Gajino, you can watch educational videos of the best professors every week according to your level of education and save time with scheduled training.

Gajino in elementary school - gifted entrance exam:

third - fourth - fifth - sixth

Gajino in the first secondary level (guidance) for the gifted entrance examination:


Gajino in second grade (high school):

12th physics mathematics - 12th experimental science - 12th literature and humanities

11th grade mathematics, physics - 11th grade experimental science - 11th grade literature and humanities

10th grade mathematics, physics - 10th grade experimental science - 10th grade literature and humanities

Experimental test - math test - human test - pre-university test

It provides services that include the following:

Step by step with lesson planning

Finding the right lesson plan is worth it these days. The lesson plan should tell you how to read so that the material is fixed in your mind. Gajino can be the road map of your educational galaxy. The route of this map tells you to start with Gaj textbooks and study aids, watch training videos, review your textbook exercises with us, take tests and consolidate the material in your mind.

Educational videos suitable for any moment of the academic year

Exam night video

When you open your eyes and come to your senses, you have reached exam season for the final moments of this competition, where everyone is looking for a sure and quick way to cram the material. You can watch exam night videos for free on Gajino, learn how to solve common exam questions and move on.

Textbook educational video

These days, having a private tutor is a privilege that you can refer to whenever you want to solve your academic problems! Do you know how much a tutor costs per hour? Gajino has prepared a complete video content for you to refer to whenever and wherever you need a teacher. Watch the educational videos of your textbook taught by the best teachers in Gajino from the series of brain and gad school videos and don't worry about your internet cost because Gajino internet usage is calculated at half price.

Video solution of the descriptive test

After each exam you can watch explanatory videos on Gajino for free. In these videos, in addition to teaching how to solve the tests, the reasons for the wrongness of other options are also pointed out and even the secrets and plans of the question designers are revealed so that you can get the best results in the tests.

Gajino electronic library

There are over 3,500 free eBooks on Gajino that you can add to your library in the blink of an eye. With Gajino, create a mobile library of the Gaj books you need. A magical library that holds as many books as you add.

Samim's free online class - teacher

Schools that use Samim's integrated education management system can benefit from Gajino services with a special discount on Samim's student panel.

Gaj Club

Study and earn stars with Gage Club, compete with your friends and win prizes

Gaj national exam and individual exam

online exam

Every two weeks, a test is held in Gajino based on Gaj national tests. You can see the budgeting of the tests in the online test section and participate in these tests for free by becoming a member of Gajino and measure your score against your competitors with the help of a large statistical community. At the end of the test, you can get your preliminary report and descriptive answer sheet and wait for your final report to see how much you have progressed.

Turbojet test

After viewing the complete training in each topic, you can use these tests to consolidate the content in your mind. Turbo is a series of two-choice tests that help you learn. In general, the purpose of multiple-choice tests is to learn by repeating and reviewing the tests in different time periods.

End of season exam

At the end of each chapter, there is a test of all the topics of the same chapter, which includes four-choice questions. Depending on the percentage you get on each test, you get between one and three stars for that season.

self assessment

In this section, you can create a test for yourself from each lesson and chapter individually or a combination of lessons and participate in it and get the report card at the end.

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