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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS) said: "When you get out of the house in Hajati Ayatolkorsi reading now, because it is the fulfillment of a need."

Surah Al-Baqarah verse is recited Ytalkrsy name a few it is very rewarding. In this text, translation and audio (eight Premier Qari) Ytalkrsy included.

Instructions for using the app:
Text and audio to show and hear the reader to choose from. Then the program automatically plays the sound. To display the main menu on the program name "Ytalkrsy" button. If you want the font, size, etc. according to your own liking from the main menu in the settings section and make your changes. Touching the photo Qari Voice can run or not run out of the state.
Full-featured program was offline and no internet connection required.

Facilities and Features:
• Has superior sound 8 Qari
• Has the text and translations Ytalkrsy
• Ability to share tape
• High quality sound
• Compact program relative to specifications and its features
• Have the settings for font display problem
• And ...

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