File Manager

File Manager

Version 66.4311.6800
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- Environment Farsi
- Modern design flat
- Simple design to prevent user confusion
- Ability to copy / move / cut and files
- The volume is very low
- The possibility of opening ZIP compressed files () without the need for additional programs!
- Ability to compress arbitrary files to zip format with features Faylmn app!
- Ability to share files
- Viewing the files are pretty standard on top
- Remove files flat icons and beautiful (to avoid confusion between the type of file)
- Between two light and dark theme
- Ability to create a favorites list of files for faster access to frequently-used files you
- Identify and list automatically install apk files for faster access (this feature is a great feature because the internal and external programs and of course a lot of money that just a we do that it's an internal possible free program put Faylmn)
- And much more that we recommend to download and install Faylmn Try it yourself!

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