Intelligent building wiring

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In this program (modern lighting buildings with electronic relays) with electronic relays learn practical use of it in the following situations apply modern Bryd.rvshnayy buildings with electronic relays provide you with a variety of applications, electronic relays circuit Description the Persian language in a planned way and people are doing.

What you will learn and will learn to:

Control lighting system with manual or automatic shutdown
Control lighting system with automatic shutdown
Control lighting system to turn on and off automatically
Control lighting system with off center
Control lights to turn on and off automatically
Push-button controls lighting system using low voltage (SELV)
Sequential control of lighting circuits
Motorized shutters with push button control Dual
Sygnal- timed control lamps and hammers woman -
Task-switching three-phase motors
Sequential control A-B-C with a push-button
Set to maintain the constant brightness
Rhythm control water fountains with lighting at night
Control systems of several regional
Time switch and light dependent relay's controls
Central heating systems
Independent management of multiple lights with push button or remote control
Lighting control by time switch and light dependent relay
Lighting control using PIR motion detector
LED dimmer control by pushbutton or remote's controls
Automatic shutters automation control by pushbutton or remote control
Lighting control using a motion detector and a timer
Manual or automatic control function using a hydraulic pump control relays level.

Intelligent building wiring with electronic relays one of the most maps in different places and situations will show you.

Provide maps and applications listed above by electronic relays

Provide maps and flow path for wiring electrical circuits

Provide kinds of electrical drawings for a variety of lighting

A complete description of the drawings and circuit performance

Circuit Description and introduction of parts and equipment used in the circuit

Surprise your employer

Their expertise in building wiring to happen drag

Modern building with smart wiring work and attract customers

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