Magic Instruction of GPS

Magic Instruction of GPS

Version 1.3
Active installs

Use all the features of your smartphone or tablet, the travel, the city, when it lost, for tracking people, supervising children, help the elderly, help your health, climate and ...

• Training locate precisely when a stolen or lost phone
• trace the exact location of a person
• Training wipe away the memory of when it is lost or stolen
• And ...

• Change your location and send it to your friends Viber, line, Watts Up
• Tell your friends you two days ago in Paris, France or anywhere you travel the world.
• You can even tell him about half an hour before the door of his shop were
• And ...

• Training to obtain the exact location, geographical orientation (direction), the gain of ambient lighting, gaining speed, the moisture in the air and on some phones with internal sensor, height and ...

• Installing and working with the best and most famous Sygic Maps Offline
• With this program you can get your desired destination routing with route closest to do.

• Complete training program Orux Maps best and most complete maps with the routing and location for when you do not have access to the Internet.

• Complete training program other than the most popular and most useful applications Maverick routing and location
• Creating maps with Windows for each of the programs Orux, Maverick and ...
• Access to training plans for low-volume roads and towns

• Training programs for satellite and aerial images of the surface and at various locations

• Training program pedometer with interesting techniques.

• Training programs for airports and air traffic display flight number

• calculate the area of a region and the distance between two points

• Access to weather and temperature conditions and weather forecast for the next few days
• Sport Management program with great capability to calculate calories burned during activity

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