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Stories and books

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Hello to all my dear friends

First of all, I plan to introduce the program in different parts of the

Most of them rare or rare books and stories and properties that I

Baby Dvstayh put the app for you.

The second thing is that, I have Khdmttvn that only with the purchase of a section (ie, a story or book or ...) all

It is better to tell all parts of the program or open apps, and you can program the best of programming and content

I hope that this program be used to good use and take great pleasure.

The third article, I'm good friendly service all parts of the program were right about copyright

But the market does not copy user stories that should do you well to read each story mode

If allowed to use that copy was given a copy of this program (with the exception of the areas mentioned

In the above) and in case of prosecution and prosecution is legally forbidden as well.

Source material:

Author: Mhmdrzarzayy ardakani

Translation: Mhmdrzarzayy ardakani

Good friends and good health.

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