Fast prayers alright

Fast prayers alright

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Tukakal is the name of the Greatest Bismillah Al-Rahman al-Rahim

 Excellence and respect

Awesome, awesome and beautiful app (as per photos) (see you)

Fast-paced prayer with 2 awesome sound

In the book "Balad al-Amin", a narration of Moses ibn Ja'far (AS) has been narrated by Qufaimi and said: "This is a great prayer and a fast and auspicious prayer."
In the book of Mahjald al-Dawat, narrated by Owais Qarani, said: Imam Ali (as) said: "Whoever prays
He will reciprocate his prayers and make all his desires and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
They said: "I swear to God, who prompted me to the right to the Prophet, rightly so that everyone will ultimately
Hunger and thirst, and the way to stop it is blocked, so pray the god to give him a meal
And if he reads, he will ask for this prayer on the mountain between him and the position he wishes. That mountain
It goes away to pass through it and reaches the goal, and if you read on crazy, be alert and if you're on a woman
It is easy to forget that it is difficult to read, it is easy to say, "I swear to the God who caused me to righteousness to the Prophet
Rightly, everyone prays for prayer for nights on Friday nights, the excellency of all the sins that
Between him and the god of excellence, he will have mercy and if a man fears the king and reads this prayer and the sultan
Enter God to rid him of that king, and whoever reads the sleep of this prayer and sleeps at bedtime,
Send God Almighty to the number of every letter of this prayer that has seventy thousand properties from the clergymen,
He is from the best of the sun to seventy thousand times asking forgiveness from God and for him and pray
For him and Hassanat they write for him, and whoever reads this prayer while committing sinister sins
All his sins should be forgiven. And if he died at that night, the martyr died and then said: O sabba'dah ...
God bless him and his house ...
A very high prayer prayer is highly recommended.

Attention ... Attention ... Attention ...

Dear users, please note that for this 2-voice app, we chose the best ezines and are completely offline and do not have to download.

The great sound of it has greatly enhanced the spirituality of the program.

Fonts can be resized and resized

Thank you to the land of Iran

The condition for downloading Salavat for the health of Mr. Imam Zaman (AS)

Do not forget to pray for the rise of the advent and the truth

Allaham peace be upon him and Mohammad al-Muhammad and Allah

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