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Directions Desserts

This set includes:

Red Velvet Cake

Bundles of mini cheeseburgers

Morsel of meat and peppermint Puffs

Fried Chicken morsels mustard

Italian meat Ampandas

Peppered Chicken Ampandas

Spiral mouthful of cheese and spinach

Spot potato tart

Gig mouthful of Brvshta

Thai shrimp Spiral

Mini Kalzvnh spinach and feta Pnyz

Snacks Mediterranean

Mini Vegetable Sandwich

Piece Spring Basket

Rosemary ribbon mouthful

Mouthful of sweet potato and goat cheese dumpling

Mini-fig tart with cheese and ham with honey

Chicken salad on lettuce leaves

Jumbo shrimp morsel in the Puffs

Samosa potato salad

Cups Pykadylv

Cups wild mushrooms

Spicy sausage rolls morsels

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