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Sometimes only the second opportunity accident the day, do not miss this golden opportunity! Rescue apps ready to assist you at events and alert before the accident in order to deal correctly.

Show closest rescue centers and contact centers map with practical training to prevent and reduce injuries are part of the features of the software.

Where is the nearest place of relief at the time of the incident?

What is essential numbers for different events?

How is dealing with fractures and corrosion beat?

How to reduce uncertainty and stress injuries in an accident?

How and when necessary with minimum use of hand splint build?

How well as insect or snake bite venom we improve?

In the face of accident What do we do wrong things?

Medical studies show that after an accident, there are golden hours for accident victims.

disaster recovery for your users or more.

Also in this program, the state closest rescue centers around addressing yourself can view and contact with relief organizations.

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