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Comprehensive mapping program for everyone
Note: The program is a paid app.
  You have to plan ahead, we tried to include all the amenities a geodesic ball. The program includes the following topics:

1-meter with a camera in this part of the mobile camera, you can automatically:
Z-distance of a point to bring up
(B) the procedure is causing an object and looking to get the horizontal
C) the right angle to get the height of an object and bring
D-perimeter and area of ​​irregular shape up to be automatically calculated.
In this section, you should first consider carefully the settings approach depends on the initial configuration.
2 Professional GPS: assisted GPS, you can:
A: each point's coordinates are latitude and longitude coordinates utm picked up here and Hmchnym
(B) calculate the distances and angles between points and calculate the height of each point
(C) Calculate the perimeter and area of ​​land
  D. speed and ........


4. Education camera Leica total station surveying and Fvyf as video and text

5. Training and land mapping software such civil3d

6 and no more than twenty (20) other functional items, which are not allowed the opportunity to express it.

All parts of the program by pressing the save button at the folders will be mapped on external memory storage device.

Note: This program for some of their parts or GPS compass sensors need. If your phone is no such sensors. You just can not make full use of these parts and the rest of the items you can use them

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