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Cards is an application for all your needs and try to provide a simple and user-friendly environment.

In this program you will be faced with different topics:
And dozens of other topics

Groups that included in the application are updated regularly. If your favorite is missing, you can add your own custom group and cards.

Some of the key features:
- You can store all cards of a category on your device
- The ability to share or backup the card and card copying
- Ability to see cards online
- Change the background image of your phone directly from app or download photo of cards
- Ability to store and online streaming audio for sound cards
- Store cards in "My box" to review them again
- Live search according to the category and also search in stored cards
- Has widget for number of cards in your box
- Notification for the cards in your box
- Ability to write a comment for each category and view comments
- And ...

Cards is a comprehensive app to avoid dealing with a lot of apps on your phone.

If you were looking for a specific topic, simply run the Cards.


  • full Internet access
  • view network connections
  • prevent device from sleeping
  • payment through Bazaar
  • control vibration
  • modify/delete SD card contents
  • set wallpaper
  • run at startup

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نقد و بررسی «کارت‌ها»

در اکثر کشورهای دنیا، پایتخت آنها به عنوان شلوغ ترین شهر شناخته میشود و برخی از این پایتخت ها جمعیت بسیار بالایی دارند. تهران نیز در لیست پرجمعیت ترین شهرهای دنیا قرار دارد و به غیر از ساکنان آن که بارها طعم ماندن در ترافیک های سنگین را چشیده اند، خیلی از مردم دیگر شهرها نیز از این موضوع بی بهره نبوده اند! فرار از این مشکل بزرگ تنها یک راه دارد و آن هم اطلاع از بار ترافیکی معابر به صورت لحظه ای میباشد.