SDL Trados Guide

SDL Trados Guide

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About This Application

Unleash the power of Trados’s many features to boost your translation efficiency

Get up to date with the new version of Trados Studio 2014

Master a wide range of important tasks from translating, formatting, reviewing and editing, to managing terminology and upgrading translation memories

Who This Application Is For

This application is designed both for new users and those who already have some knowledge of SDL Trados Studio. Its aim is to acquaint you with the key features of the program quickly and to help you enhance your knowledge through more in-depth exploration. No previous experience of translation memory programs is required, although it is assumed that readers will be comfortable working with standard MS Windows applications.

What You Will Learn

Navigate and customize the new SDL Trados Studio 2014 interface

Create translation memories and use them to make your work more efficient

Understand how tags work to preserve the formatting and functionality of your document

Produce word counts for quoting and billing

Harness the power of SDL Trados Studio for reviewing, editing, and checking

Work with projects to store translation settings and translate groups of files

Manage terminology to get automatic matches without having to look things up

Align previously translated material into a translation memory

In Detail

SDL Trados Studio has a huge range of features that can be bewildering to the new user. Once properly understood, though, it can quickly become an indispensible part of the translator's toolkit, helping to make the process of translating, reviewing, and managing documents a great deal more efficient.

SDL Trados Studio: A Practical Guide aims to help you to get to grips with the power of SDL Trados Studio 2014 quickly and painlessly. This app addresses the practical issues that you encounter in your day to day work in the world of translation. It will help you with everything right from installation, creating translation memories to the final translations and managing translation memories.

The app is based on the latest, 2014 version of SDL Trados Studio. You will learn how to make the best use of SDL Trados Studio during each phase of the translation process, from creating translation memories, through translation, review, and billing for work. The app also covers a number of other features to help make your work more efficient, such as managing terminology, using projects to store translation settings and translate groups of files together, and managing and maintaining the material in translation memories.

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