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Features a 7 "widget"
1) Battery Widget:
The widget displays the battery in a (completely free)
2) the date widget:
All the days of the month and on the respective displays (adding and editing events will be available after the upgrade)
3) widget Section:
Daily horoscope show with commentary and interpretation is also possible to send text messages to the phone (SMS, Viber, WeChat. Etc.) is possible (after the removal of restrictions on the promotion of the Omen)
4) Widgets Khayyam:
Khayyam daily couplet in a widget displays (completely free)
5) clock widget:
Time, date, battery level in the form of a simple widget displays (completely free)
6) Audio Manager widget:
Au orange ball on the screen and the phone has three modes: normal, shaking (vibrating), Mute (Silent) is (completely free)
7) USSD widget:
Enter the code at the time of charging or enter USSD balance inquiry said. This widget command code with the first three operators, MTN and Raytl in place, and also has the nation's banks USSD (USSD operators are limited and the promotion of the full program)

Entertainment system with the purchase of flowers or empty.

Thanks in advance for your support and buy us out.

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