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Attractive and functional psychology article (images)

Have you ever see one of the many photo inductive clamp and Bkhvayyd know what's the reason?

Children know what effect the former or the latter or Bkhvayyd and you have the others?

The program has more than 125 !!! Article Vastvn have prepared attractive and functional. This is an interesting article help you much of your behavior or your friends better understand and if necessary be modified.

>> Features:

1. Play (or stop) light songs while studying

2. Fast zoom in or zoom out while studying text size

3. The share content through social programs

4. Convenient and easy favorites and add content to it

5. Easy search within the text and titles of all program content

6. Allows you to select the type font from four different fonts and beautiful (Settings menu)

7. Determine the desired default text size (Settings menu)

8. To determine the desired spacing between lines of text (Settings menu)

9. day or night mode (Settings menu)


10. Use images in the text

11. beautifully designed and user-friendly

12 and ...

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