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Finally, faced with pages full of ads that you just take your Internet traffic ...
"Newsroom" program that the minute news and content for different websites and news sites, cultural, scientific, political, social, sport, business, automotive, medical and health ... With a very high rate and with very good volume gives you.

The program can be added any time soon, so you can access the information and content sites.

Search in titles or text to pay articles.
The moment you want to track Web News widget applications for home screen smartphones or Tblttan use.

Some features "News":

• Ability to automatically or manually update
• Ability to schedule for the updates
• You can browse the content offline and news articles and even pictures
• Ability to change font size
• Ability to change the font program
• Widgets for your homepage
• View video and podcasts
• Fast and easy content, images or text message, Bluetooth, email and ....
• Ability to translate into different languages
• High Speed ​​download
• run without problem on tablets and mobile phones with different screen sizes
• Two different shell
• Ability to choose the color fades, groups
• Select a color for the title of the article or
• go to the next or previous article Svayp or use the buttons to increase or decrease the volume
• Ability to add custom content to the favorites
• View in full-screen mode or normal
• Ability to sort feeds and groups
• Quickly and easily share content
• small size and fast execution
• Ability to Search Article Text
• Set alerts for new posts and news
And many other attractive features and applications that need to experience it for yourself ...

Wait, the feedback you are loved.
Hope Allah Manan is satisfactory. God willing.

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