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In the name of Allah
Intelligent control everything , please !

quickly get .

Just after the program settings corner of your screen and then press the Select button , its motion for a performance , for example Turn wireless Draw to choose from. That's it!
Balms widget corner of the page you can move your drawing at any time and instantly get access to the facilities .

corner to the middle of the screen , move your draw and immediate access to your target .

Not require high-power motor control hardware and you can install it on a variety of Android tablets and smartphones , and well run.

Similarly, you can adjust the size and location of the application icon transparency .
You can draw on the motor control of the infinite shapes and define each task , enabling you to move with a multi- touch multi- touch option to define a .

Some Features summary :

* No need for special hardware features
* Run smoothly on all types of mobile phones and tablets
* Low volume
* Ability to open the program with just a different game
* Ability to define an infinite set of motion for each moving
* Change the opacity , size and position of the application icon ( widget )
* Ability to three different Svayp
* Personalize extensive
* Call / message / email contacts with a
* View settings, WiFi on / off your wifi with a
* Ability to turn on and off Bluetooth or access settings
* Bluetooth with a visible
* Play or pause music with a
* Adjust screen lighting (low , medium, high ) and setting a moving screen
* Network settings
* Sync settings
* Open the file with a
* Open the site with a
* Sound settings include silent mode / vibrate and normal movement
* Location settings
* Show the battery status with a
* Go into flight mode with a

* And many other features that just have to experience it firsthand .

Thanks for your support Dear Members Market
Mshtqanh We are looking forward to receiving your comments and rating ....
Begging prayers . O God

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