MedRep جستجوی سلامتی؛ مدرپ

MedRep جستجوی سلامتی؛ مدرپ

Version 1.1.6
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MedRep is the only online platform to provide search services for a variety and information of medicines, supplements, cosmetics, herbal medicine, supplements and medical equipment.

To date, more than 250,000 products from reputable domestic and foreign brands have been defined in MedRep and are available to meet the needs of medicines, patients and physicians.

MedRep acts as a location-based search engine. And will guide you to the nearest pharmacy and inventory center.


Moderate application services include:

- Full product information along with usage

- Ability to search by category, product name, brand and function

-About prices of approved products

- Routing to the nearest and cheapest seller


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