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Voices Islamic Bank expects MCI

Because of the expected favorite sound track with BMW, the frequency of sounds offered by the operator, it was rather difficult decision to make, "Ava Nova" got.

Sound will be aware, the 'change comes first, no new fees at any time, you can change the sounds for free there. So you can on every occasion, Voices in accordance with it, the program "Ava Nova", easy to listen to, select one, and in a few seconds (no new costs) sound of your choice, replace your current sound.

* The Call Waiting service charge MCI currently USD 300 for 30 days.

I hope that Members approve all religious with the first-placed. Also expected to buy "Ava Nova" We are on the path to making such programs, support here.

Android App features "Ava Nova"
(For mobile SIM cards first)

- Beautiful setting with ease and professionalism;
- Enable and change the desired sound expected from the program immediately, using two activation methods;
One via USSD [USSD]] free;
And alternatively via text messaging [SMS]] cost of an SMS;
- Specific categories and occasion, you'd expect to find the voices more easily;
- Ability Advance;
- Ability to bookmark favorite Voices and transfer to the relevant page;
- Ability to Play sounds better to select the song you want;
- Ability to download and store voice for syndication;

- Take advantage of the sounds stored in the phone ringing (from the program);
- The possibility of introducing desired sound with prepared text, to others via SMS and subscription options;
- Ability to send the song to download audio files to others;

Voices in the "Ava Nova"
Voices Voices program is an anthology of the first, so far over 780 Ava, who gradually in future updates, will be added.
Voices topics include the following:
Quran / prayer / prayer / praise / natal / speech / song and hymn / song, etc.

These works are: (in alphabetical order)
- One step
- Master pious
- Professor Abdul Basit
- Master droppings from Mohammad Anwar
- Professor Mahmoud droppings from Mohammad Anwar
- Imam Khamenei
- J. Front
- Hassan Khalaj
- Hussein Sbhdl
- Hussein Yaghobian
- Hamid Alimi
- Zabihi
- Rahim Moazenzadeh
- Ruhollah avalanche
- Famous Rhpvyan
- Said Hadadian
- Red apple
- Syed Naqshbandi
- Seyed Majid children of Fatima
- Seyyed Damad
- Martyr Ahmad Kazemi
- Saber Khorasani
- Taha Alghshny
- A. Door
- AA seed
- Ali Mohamed Karimkhani
- Einollah Rezai
- Ali Aminian
- Group model
- Group hymn
- The Epistles
- Choir
- Group's Epistles
- The altar
- The magnitude breeze
- Choir Lylhalqdr
- Free Mohsen Majesty
- Mohammad Qaty
- MR Agassi
- MR seed
- Mohammad Reza Taheri
- MZ Yaghoobi
- Mahmoud Karimi
- Mansour land
- Mehdi Akbari
- M. Knight
- M. Samavati
- Moazenzadeh
- Institute Epistles
- N. ritual
- The waiting Mehdi

Comments and criticisms about "Ava Nova" will be a great help to us would be appreciated.
thank you
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