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Humorous poems

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The first collection of comic poems on the market

خرسی is a new who squarely on my a ** created wow

If significant time has untamed slaughtered!!!!
If I don't have a time to text نیگا to the untamed!!!!!

Are you suffering from loneliness??
Do you have a ... ... ... Suffering??

We offer you a collection of humorous poems.

You can set more than 150 poetry from 40 different processor finally fun comic poet.

This book will be a monthly poetry series firmware update
And you are at the end of a complete set of lyrics.

The program features:

1) makes it possible to add the content to the list of Favorites
2) sending content to social networking sites and Instant Messenger and. ..
3) makes it possible to search the entire program
4) graphical environment almost cool
5) makes it possible to change the size of text entries for tablets and Smartphones as reading the text in them is hard to keep a clear page 6) when studying
7) a 4در3 widget that you can use to send text or CNN to add to your selected list (it should be noted the widget problems.)
8) monthly update
9) other items that will be added in the update issues

If there is a problem or suggestion or ... With the relationship.

One of the poems of this collection

To name: the land for artists
Once upon a time ... (Say ten years receiving hash
Prior to this, that I've gone from remembered)
One of the artist and lack of housing
The Ministry of culture and the day went
Because its in the دَم, with said:
"Leaving you, whatever the wind bada»
The tip of her nose went وَ.
Right before the Minister and so اِستاد
He said: "on the first day of creation
That was God of this world,
Because the Earth's مستضعفین?
The name of this font from the fell of
Now, of course, with a little delay
I've come to serve, delshad
So unless a piece of land?
I make as I go»
He said the Minister, with a smile:
"I am happy to see
Because the artist sees the magnitude of
Must be بنشیناد to the top of the Haq
Write the name of land now
I can serve you master!
It's the piece of shit "artists»
He also gave a piece to someone

Rafi Reza

If you are in the ↜ ↜, the poet and the poetry of میگویید, can be found in poems by email, وایبر, SMS app and send to our Watts up with your own name on the release schedule ↝ by ↝


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