cooking training

cooking training

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Food & Drink

In this app, the risk of diminishing the program's size and running the program offline, the photos inside the program have been deleted.

Nearly 1,000 kinds of high-quality food are available in the program.

The content of the cookbook is as follows:

1 - Plo chelo

2 - Stew

3 - Meat and Poultry Meat

4 - Coco and Cutlet

5 - Soup and Ash

6 - Feed

7 - Sea food

8 - Local and traditional food

9 - Kinds of barbecue and meatballs

10 - Omelette and Crepe

11 - Purée

12 - Sophie and Graten

13 - Microwave cooking

14 - Dietary and low calorie foods

15 - Baby and teens

16 - Innovative Foods

Features of the program:

Ability to change the font and size between lines and font size

Search capability

Favorites section

The ability to share tutorials

The ability to display the app horizontally and vertically

Simple and beautiful appearance

The ability to install next version of the program

Background music

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