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Call recorder

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Two-way call recorder - Android secret phone call recording

✔ You can record any calls you like with the automatic recording of telephone conversations. Save recorded conversations and share them on social networks.

✔ The output formats of this MP3-MPG-AMR software are in the best possible quality.

✔ Note: On Android 6 and up phones, you must go to the phone's settings screen. Find the auto-call recording program and then enable auto-authorization.

✔ Note: The file path is / sdcard / callrecorder.

You can delete conversations from the inside of the file manager.


Some features of the app:

✔ Sharing or sharing on social networks via Bluetooth.

✔Ability to lock the app for information security.

✔ Ability to choose the audio format

✔ Possibility to change the source of sound

✔ Playing files recorded from within the program with the possibility of stopping, repeating the file

✔ Ability to auto-delete recorded conversations


Some common user questions:

1 Why does not this program record any contact?

✔ Generally speaking, do not use two or more voice recording applications in your phone at the same time! This does not interfere with the program.

✔To open the app and test it, the Call Recorder icon appears when the call comes up if it is above the screen, that is, it is recording a conversation.


2-Why is the voice of the other party in my handset poorly captured?

✔ First, try a variety of recording formats (3gpp-Mpeg4-Amr) and a variety of sound sources to find the best one for your phone.

✔ Turn on the speakerphone while the conversation is being recorded, if the weak side is heard.

✔You can go into the phone's settings and activate the speakerphone automatically while recording.

✔Save: To listen to recorded files with the maximum possible sound:

With the mx player software in the SW mode, listen to the sound file with 2 times the current sound.

✔ It is also recommended to listen to recorded sounds with handsfree.

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