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Easy Cooking

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Would you like to learn a whole recipe, jelly, cake, kebab?

Do you want to cook without cookbooks?

Do you want to keep your food orders always?

Looking for an Iranian cook program?

We are with you with an easy cooking program.

The Easy Cooking program answers all your questions and needs for a full kitchen. Easy cooking program with a variety of delicious recipes in various categories including: Alas, Traditional dishes, Drinks, Salads, Fusion foods, Meat dishes, Pizza, Macaroni, Coco, Kerosene, Kebabs, Dishes, Foods All kinds of snacks, all kinds of chicken foods, seafood, pizza, desserts, dishes suitable for Ramadan, etc. All your needs for a comfortable, easy but very pleasant meal, plus simple design But eye-catching user environments give you the pleasure of using this app for you.

The cooking and cooking world is much bigger than we imagine, unfortunately, our weekly food program is very limited and repetitive, and most people are lazy in learning and cooking new delicious foods. Perhaps in the past, the study of cookbook books was to some extent prevented. However, today, with a variety of culinary apps, this has been somewhat solved. Easy Cooking is one of the most popular programs in this field.

Special features of the easy cooking program can be noted for the special Ramadan category that will help you to leave your guests to the stone.

Some program features:

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