(IQ test dummy (ages 3 to 13 years

(IQ test dummy (ages 3 to 13 years

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Draw test is one of the easiest, most practical, the most universal visual tests. This test is encoded by a lot of people who do most American women is Florence Goodenough Florence Goodenough in 1920 in New Jersey over four thousand children in America it can be tested. Fay Fay doctor in France who has worked in this field.

The main purpose of the test, the degree of intelligence and IQ, mental age of the child. Also the test time to go to work the other IQ tests are not possible and we soon reach a conclusion about the degree of the child's IQ. In addition, children who do not know and be able to speak the language of assessment, these tests are not the best.

This is a test
If you want your child to know what level of intelligence is to install the software.
The price of this software is limited compared with that doctor or a psychiatrist.
This software is derived from a reputable site tebyan.
So as the price of a snack or your child's IQ degree of tortillas in.

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