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In the name of God the will and will

Today, in the world, the most valuable asset to each person is the brain's blessing, but unfortunately, people pass it easily and do not spend their time on strengthening the brain, and this process causes long-term deterioration.
Unfortunately, despite the clever people in our beloved country, the processes of strengthening the brain are not taken into account and the majority are only thinking of strengthening muscle.
If this inconvenient process continues, unconsciousness and ignorance are rooted more and more in society, and we will move away from our ancestors more quickly than the rich culture of our ancestors, and leave nothing but remorse for ourselves and our next generations. .
Playing science is one of the most revolutionary sciences we face, and due to the long-term impact on a person, it can be used correctly by causing cultural, social, practical, and even religious development of individuals.
For this reason and in light of the research done by the world's great scientists, we have been developing this brain teaser that enhances the left hemisphere and enhances the memory of the short-term, and plays an essential role in rapid decision-making in sensitive situations. And we also have a small role in helping our beloved compatriots
We hope this game will spark a bigger change.
Please send us your feedback, feedback and suggestions to help us
Proud Gamma Team

Game Builder: Ali Safi

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