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One of the biggest concerns of parents for their children proper training and quick vocabulary and also understand the surrounding environment and pronounce words to their children. With this app you can solve all these requirements.

App features:

1. Learning with image, visual learning for children.

2. Training in Farsi with pronunciation of words.

3. Training in English with pronunciation of words.

4. The ability to pronounce words several times just.

5. 280 education in 10 categories Persian alphabet, English alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, objects and shapes.

6. Test the items mentioned cases, testing three options for the Persian language.

7. Test the items mentioned cases, testing three options for English.

8. Ability to mute audio pronunciation.

9. Play background music while learning to better understand training and exams.

10. Ability to mute the sound of background music.

11. Ability to run on smartphones and tablets.

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