Chess education by elders

Chess education by elders

Version 6
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If you want to tactical, strategic and chess enlargement methods in this field such as: ((Kasparov, Karpov, Valchvk and ...)) Learn and prepare yourself, I recommend the program not Dalnvd.

The program includes:
1. Introduction
2. History of chess in full
3-piece live
4. Learning to read and write chess
5-learning strategy
6. Disconnect
7-Defense Hindi King
8-defense Bnvny
9. Slav Defence
11-lead, two elephants or time *
12-occurring and its status *
13-Alekhine Defense *
14-start English *
15-Gambit Minister *
16-defending Grünfeld *
17-teach mathematics chessboard *
18-fortress and blocking *
19-round opponent of the house *
Videos: Kasparov
20-play 1
21-play 2 good
22-carry game
Ahmed Zuhair al-Qaisi history of chess = literature translator M. Alamdari
Life = nut translator Mahmoud dawn oven
Learning to read and write chess = Seied Naser Mahmood
Karpov translator Seied Naser Mahmood strategic training =
Taytyk 1 = impression Valchvk games and Kasparov translator Seied Naser Mahmood
Chmz = Posted ASEAN Valchvk translations conductor Momeni
Taytyk 2 = taken from the writings of Valchvk games and Kasparov translations Enayatollah treasure
Mathematics teaching chess = Y.ya.gyk translations Zia Foroushani
Fortress and Henrik Kasparov translated engineer = blocked Zia Foroushani
Opponent away from home key = ASEAN Valchvk translations Saeed Rahmati, Hadi Momeni
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Seied Naser Mahmood

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