Fectar | Meet in AR Metaverse

Fectar | Meet in AR Metaverse

Version 2.310.2
Install +100
Category Entertainment
Size 88 MB
Last Update 2024 January 30
Fectar | Meet in AR Metaverse

Fectar | Meet in AR Metaverse

Fectar BV
Version 2.310.2
Install +100
Category Entertainment
Size 88 MB
Last Update 2024 January 30
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Trusted by 4+ million users worldwide, Fectar provides innovative solutions for 3D Viewing Experiences and Immersive Augmented Reality Learning. Discover interactive content & different models in 3D, VR, and AR.

Using the 3D AR camera feature, place & view models on a real-time basis using an augmented reality display. Create or view interactive objects like AR animals, superheroes, supercars & more.

Why Choose Fectar?🙌

✔ AR Stories: Create AR photos & videos
✔ Explore AR Models: Discover the details of supercars, bikes & more
✔ Featured Stories: View stories from popular creators
✔ Immersive Experience: Set up interactive models around you

Model Library📚
Choose your interactive AR scene from various categories like:
- Cars & Vehicles: Discover the details of a supercar, superbike & your favourite chopper.
- House & Homes: Walk into your desired room with AR technology
- Movies: Watch Groot dance! And stay fearless of the T.rex in your backyard
- History: Time travel back to history! Get a closer look at AR dinosaurs and vintage cars
& much more.

Create & Share👩‍🎨
- Click or record AR scenes in your physical surroundings.
- Share stories with AR enthusiasts around the world. Iron man on the door and the red Ferrari is in your backyard!
- Create your own life-like AR Space by choosing from hundreds of real models like an augmented reality car, superbike, games & movie characters.
- Explore the exclusive interiors of your favourite supercars, the Apollo 11, steam locomotive, Star Wars X-wing etc. Visit Japan, the pyramid of Giza, Miami, Manhattan, and much more.
- Experience & share your stories with interactive AR 3D models

Augmented Reality for Education👩‍💻
Now more than ever, effective teaching means making the subject real. If students can’t be in the room with you, or you’re introducing an abstract concept, AR has the potential to bring it home.
- Make a 3D learning experience look simplified with the AR app
- Visualize complicated concepts with detailed AR diagrams & 3D representations
- Choose creative learning with high student engagement & interactive 3D models
- Develop AR diagramming models that explore topics and ideas closely.

Augmented Reality for Business👨‍💼
Immersive AR, created by you, on the industry’s most innovative platform. We’re democratising the power of AR, giving you intuitive access to deep engagement tools and features. Plus, market-leading architecture and data-rich insights. Start fast and learn fast with Fectar (no coding required).
People aren’t patient anymore, and AR isn’t just fast. It’s instant.

- Start your own augmented reality store & present it with a 360-degree virtual tour
- Showcase your product in 3D & Augmented reality
- Stand out from the competition by creating personal holographic videos of you and your products or services.
- Make 3D prototypes and presentations for your upcoming projects

That’s the thing about AR. Once you start creating, you see potential for all kinds of groups, teams and organisations to build transformative experiences that drive significant ROI.

Virtual Events🤝
- Virtual business events: Create VR environment events with interactive elements such as 3D objects, video, and slides and make your business stand apart.
- Include AR in a customer’s journey by visualizing products in 3D and AR.

Exclusive Video and 3D Library🎥
- Get access to an exclusive library of life-sized AR models.
- Get expert tips to create your own augmented reality.
- Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more!

Need more info? Reach out to us at🙋‍♀️

Immerse yourself in the interactive 3D reality around you! Download the app now.

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برای گوشی هایی که از قابلیت ar پشتیبانی میکنن پیشنهادمیکنم از برنامه رو امتحان کنن خیلی باحاله مدل های مختلف رو میتونید به صورت ar ببینید