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support us for development of awesome Ziarat-e-Ashura Application and be one of us!

why support us?
- get ad-free version
- keep project stay alive!

Ziarat-e-Ashura is the name of the Ashura day ziarat application! this app has been under development for more that 2 years and now, it is available to you with awesome and fantastic features!

in this version we work hard on performance optimization, and now, we have more than 200% performance upgrade!

some of key feature:
- scroll text with brilliant sound of Mr.Farahmand
- support Arabic and Persian text, even when you android does not support that!
- you can now save any part for later reading!
- ability to play sound from any part
- custom beautiful font
- night mode reading
- make text bigger
- ability to disable Persian translation
- beautiful and awesome modern looking interface
- support android down to 2.1 version (more that 95% of the todat market)
- can now rotate screen
- fast scroll mode for android 3.0 and upper!

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