IELTS Cue cards

IELTS Cue cards

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In this application you will get 300 cue card topics with answers.

IELTS speaking exam is divided in to 3 parts. Part 1 is introduction, part 2 is cue card and part 3 is cross question.

So in this application you will get study material for 2nd part of IELTS speaking exam. 300 cue card topics with answers. you will also get recently asked IELTS cue card topics.

Apart from study material you will be able to do proper practice for IELTS speaking with help of speaking assistant. Just write down your topic, write down your keywords and start recording. So one application for 300 IELTS speaking cue card topics, tips and proper IELTS speaking practice.

You will get new Latest IELTS cue card topics every month.

This Application is for Second part of IELTS Speaking examination. 300 Cue card topics with regular updates. Speaking assistant for proper speaking practice and Inbuilt stop watch to do proper practice.

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