Prison Wreck - Jailbreak Game

Prison Wreck - Jailbreak Game

Version 13.0
Install +20 K
Category Action
Size 160 MB
Last Update 2022 June 28
Prison Wreck - Jailbreak Game

Prison Wreck - Jailbreak Game

Version 13.0
Install +20 K
Category Action
Size 160 MB
Last Update 2022 June 28
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What is the feeling of creating a perfect pancake?

Your quest is "simple"...prepare the most artistic and perfect pancakes ever!

Prison wreck is a free-action game to escape from prison by destroying walls and more with your superpowers.

You need to escape from the policemen and release other prisoners by smashing, hitting, and targeting your enemies (police). Runaway from the cops and don't let anyone put you in trouble calling 911. You’ll have awesome superpowers like a fast run, laser, tornado, wrecking balls, and a car. This will help you get through each level.

You will also have flaming and explosive barrels to destroy your surroundings and escape from the police.
Did we mention you will also have cannons and a wrecking ball to escape from the police? Shoot your enemies with your superpowers and help the other prisoners to get away too.

Break free and enjoy the ride towards freedom!

List of the features of your new free casual game:
🚓 Beautiful 3D graphics
👮 Exciting jailbreak
🚓 100% free
👮 Fun and addictive gameplay
🚓 Easy controls
👮 For kids and adults
🚓 Game for girls and boys

How to become a Prison Wreck - Jailbreak Game master
⛏️ Gather your criminal friends and prepare for the jailbreak
⛓️ Destroy the prison walls with your chains
⛏️ Use dynamite and explosives to make the walls explode
⛓️ When they call the cops or 911, don't let them catch you
⛏️ Use your superpowers! Run fast, use the laser, tornado, wrecking balls, and a car to escape
⛓️ Escape from the prison!

About Homa:
Prison Wreck - Jailbreak Game is produced by Homa Games. Homa is a top publisher of Hyper Casual Games, Puzzle Games, and Casual Games. Homa published games like Sky Roller, NERF! Epic Pranks!, Voodoo Pranks, Farm Land, and many others.

Relieve stress, anger, bad thoughts or train your brain with a relaxing, satisfying, yet challenging game anywhere, anytime!

If you believe that escaping from a prison is not just a matter of luck, show your abilities and strategy and prepare the most artistic pancake ever existed. Best of luck!

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