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Hi Nurse

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If you would like to work and earn part-time, daily, or day-to-day care for your child and the elderly at home and hospital:

Install the program.

Check the files section.

Find the right project for you.

Call and get started.

Tip (we are adding new files every day)

In addition, people who need a nurse can apply for a nurse online with a 10% discount.

1. Nursing, caring for, and caring for the elderly at home

2. Nursing, caring for and taking care of the baby and the baby at home

3. Nursing, Patient Care and Home Care

4. Accompany the patient at home and in the hospital

5. Home and Work Cleaning / Home and Cooking

6. Injections and dressing at home

7. Home Massage Therapy

8. Life insurance and futures for nurses and yourself

Head Office: 3/12 Unit, 1st Floor, Border Alley, Ebrahimi Ave., Border Guard Boulevard, Marzdaran Boulevard, Tehran

Branch 2: Shahid Beheshti Street (Abbas Abad), south side of Takhti Square, beginning of Shahid Hosseini Street

Hi Nurse Call Number

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۰۲۱۲۲۷۰۲۸۷۴ / ۰۲۱۲۲۷۰۲۷۱۹

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