I love you live wallpaper

I love you live wallpaper

Version 25.0
Install +10 K
Category Personalization
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2023 November 27
I love you live wallpaper

I love you live wallpaper

HOF live wallpapers
Version 25.0
Install +10 K
Category Personalization
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2023 November 27
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🤩Express your feelings towards the love ones with this beautiful app that is perfect for valentines day. Pink or red hearts will fall over your screen.
You will find I love you message on most of the wallpapers ,a perfect saying for your loved one.
🤩In this app you will find a great collection of HD wallpapers with amazing visual design that will fit your style, personalize your device even more by adjusting the effects to transform your background in something unique and eye chatching.

What you will find in this app:
⭐️ Almost 30 backgrounds.
⭐️ HD wallpapers with various animations.
⭐️ Unique and exclusive live wallpapers that you will not find anywhere else.
⭐️ Great selection of HD Wallpapers, Glitter backgrounds, 4K Wallpapers & HD Live Wallpapers on Google Play Store, with fast and optimized system.

Features in this app:
- 3D magic sparkling glitter effect, tilt your phone after you enable it and the magic will happen, the glitter effect will sparkle all over the screen
- Use your finger gestures to create a sparkle glitter effect on your screen
- More than 10 different particles
- More than 10 different animations
- Magic touch: highly requested, now you have a live wallpaper that you can play with. We added 5 different touch effects. You can always disable this feature.
- Various options for the particles. Maybe you want more particles on your screen? Or you want them to move faster? Or maybe you just want them to be bigger.
- Cool and high definition wallpapers suitable for the size of your screen will mentain high visual quality on small or large phones even tablets.
- We update our apps frequently to keep your screen stunning with new wallpapers
- Add your own image or photo and customize your wallpaper as you wish
- Optimized for Super IPS, AMOLED, OLED phone screens.
- Easy to preview and set your favourite wallpaper, fast UI and quick loading.
- We expanding our app, when you have some time just open the app and scroll through it to find new backgrounds.
- Battery will not be affected by our apps.
- You can also set all the backgrounds you see in this app as normal phone wallpapers.

😍Customize your photo/selfie wallpaper:
- Choose your own photo from gallery and adjust your live wallpapers effects as you wish.
- Add a 3D glitter effect to make it more special and unique.

We hope you enjoy our redesigned app with fresh backgrounds!

🔥Click "Apply" and "Set wallpaper" in order to complete the activation process.
If that doesn't work, apply this background from your phone's live wallpapers list.

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حتی یک ستاره هم از سرش زیاده آخه سازنده بیشور چرا برنامه میسازی بعد میری داخلش میگه متفق شده است خیلی احمقی
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خیلی خوشگلن وخوش رنگ😀