Antivirus hefaz (Demo version)

Antivirus hefaz (Demo version)

Version 1.7
Active installs

Mobile smartphones are a type of PDA that has its own operating system and a variety of software and applications to use. There is a lot of information being exchanged on these phones daily so security needs to be taken seriously.

The most important protection features:

Scan when installing programs

Scan and fight the virus

Identify fake programs

Memory scanning and cleaning

Optimize RAM and Battery

Manage installed applications (sharing, displaying program access, deleting and backing up applications)

Quarantine: After identifying the program, it will transfer the viral and fake files to the quarantine to combat them at your command.

Support: We are ready to answer you within 24 hours

Smart SMS Alarm Control (Gold Edition):

1- Broadcasting the police siren

2. Mute or mute the phone via SMS

3. Track phone through SMS

4- Phone screen lock

5. Change phone password (supported on Android 6 and below 6)

6- Unlock phone (supported on Android 6 and below)

7. SMS battery charge

And ...

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