in3D: Avatar Creator Pro

in3D: Avatar Creator Pro

Version 1.10.70
Install +100
Category Entertainment
Size 97 MB
Last Update 2024 February 11
in3D: Avatar Creator Pro

in3D: Avatar Creator Pro

Version 1.10.70
Install +100
Category Entertainment
Size 97 MB
Last Update 2024 February 11
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With in3D, you can replicate yourself into a photorealistic 3D avatar with your phone camera within 1 minute. Export your 3D model as FBX, GLB or USDZ.

With in3D you have a mobile character creator. Instantly avatar yourself and your friends and start customizing, animating and sharing your avatars. Create photorealistic 3D avatars easily. No coding or 3D design experience necessary, just your phone camera.

Play games as yourself, try-on clothes and different styles to see how they fit your body. Create tons of fun and engaging content that you can share with your friends!

Whether you are a casual user or a professional 3D designer/developer, in3D Avatar Creator gives you the power to create photorealistic avatars of anyone in seconds. Send a deeplink so others can interact with your avatars on their own device. Export a file that can be embedded into a 3rd party game app. Share your avatar on social media.

Easy to Animate

• Animate your avatar: Tens of prebuilt animations are available to apply in a push of a button
• All Avatars supporting Mixamo animations (Mixamo Rig)
• Share animations with your friends
• Record videos of your avatar
• Record videos of your avatar in AR

Export to Any Environment

• The app supports in3D SDK importer to import avatars into Unity and Unreal Engine
• Export your 3D model in GLB, FBX, USDZ formats from the app

Dive into Games

• Bring your avatars to your Unity or Unreal Engine environments

Dress your avatar

• Try-on clothes and styles on your avatar
• Photorealistic fit and style of clothes on your avatar
• Change tops, pants, dresses and create your own look and style
• Share and recommend fashion styles to your friends
• Full 360 view of the avatar body
• Easy zoom on specific body parts
• Total control of camera angle

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Interested in getting an SDK to scan and import avatars outside of ‘in3D: Avatar Creator Pro’ App? Join our developers program at

Check our in3D SDK importer on Unity Asset Store, it is free!

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Interested in scanning your clients into photorealistic avatars? Reach out to us to get an SDK for your app. Our scanning technology is available for metaverse, fashion, gaming, and entertainment.

Specifically for the following:

• Scanning shoppers into virtual fitting rooms
• Digital Fashion
• Character/Avatar export into games
• Avatar generation and Animation for AR and VR
• Realistic avatars for virtual events, conferences, exhibitions
• Virtual trainings

If you are interested in realistic avatars for virtual experiences - reach out to us at or at

Also check out our new product: Avaturn at

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