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Ghulak is an educational game that teaches the Persian alphabet in a fascinating way. The important thing is that this game is made by top grade first grade teachers and is based on the Persian book and the alphabet and words and teaching principles exactly match the textbook. In this game, the child will have to feed their giants (alphabetically) and raise them up, aiming to learn the alphabet and read and write Farsi, which improves the speed of learning letters and words in an attractive way.

The most important first-class exercises are mixing vowels and vowels - parting - sounding - learning pronunciation and spelling correctly, taught by teachers in this game.

All the content and stages of the game are based on the experiences of first-grade elementary teachers and university professors, and the ability to learn and grow at a rapid pace makes it possible for parents to report progress.

Tip: Following respected user questions about in-app payment, with a one-time payment only, the game will be upgraded to special edition and even with uninstalled and reinstalled the game (unlimited) without the need for a paid upgrade and free and automatic upgrade It will be given.

🚀 Game Features:

✅ Textbook alphabet instruction

✅ Designed by the first elementary teachers

✅ Correct pronunciation of letters

✅ Teaching the final and non-final form of letters by example

✅ Teaching correct letter writing

✅ Combining consonants and vowels

✅ Word segmentation

✅ Sound words

✅ Spelling words and letters

✅ Fun games to enhance memory and learn to read and write

✅Emotional interaction with giants

✅ 77 Attractive Stages

✅ Use cute characters and animations

✅ Progress report to parents (in three sections: letters, phonics, words for each child)

✅ Multi-user capabilities for multi-child use

✅ Practice counting numbers

✅ Audio guide for all parts of the game

✅ Pronunciation of all letters and words of the game

✅ Strengthen the child's hearing power

✅ Strengthen the child's memory

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