The Grand Gangster

The Grand Gangster

نسخه ۲.۴.۴
نصب فعال

Get ready for great adventures. Meet the best criminal simulator - The Grand Gangster. Money rules this town. Solve your money problem and get what you want in this city of vice

This game contains all that is necessary for good criminal action: thefts and racing of auto, motorcycles, bicycles. Many options for fans to crumble: you can take the tank and destroy all around. Get money completing different missions, use this money to improve your position on the streets.

•Many different auto each with different unique features
•Improve your character in game
•Missions: stash making, car stealing,fighting for money, eliminating the furious criminals
•New map and quests
•Best guns and ammunition
•Try out all the weapon arsenal
•Destroyable cars
•Reworked tank and helicopter

All criminal California, which so we love, is in this awesome game.
Try to become the king of Andreas-city and grand car theft! The Grand Gangster is best choice!

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