Super DuriGo

Super DuriGo

نسخه ۳.۰
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۵۰ مگابایت

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Reminiscent of old classic platformer games, Super Durigo will stimulate your memories with simple jumping and running.
Tremendous adventures await across the grasslands, jungles, deserts, pirate ships of Atlantis and Frozen Kingdom. Jump over obstacles and run through your enemies.
Excitingly well-crafted levels, unique enemies and breathtaking boss battles await you.
Fantastic graphics, sounds, and sweet game music will delight your eyes and ears.

Now, your mission is to rescue the kidnapped princess of the Energy Kingdom!
Run bravely to the castle where the princess is trapped. We need your courage!

This game is free, no additional payment required!
You can also play the game offline without Wi-Fi.

[How to play]
- Control Durigo using touch buttons.
- You can easily defeat the enemy using the energy ball.
- Eat power-up items and become stronger! You can collect items and use them when you need them.
- There is a stylish action function that jumps from wall to wall.
- You can do a cool air dash by pressing jump while jumping.

[Features of the game]
- Beautiful game graphics, improved user interface
- High quality music and fun sound effects
- Fun for children, adults and all ages
- A tribute to the classic retro games
- Easy and intuitive operation, very smooth and easy to play.
- You can also swim in the sea and explore caves.
- Various vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms that help the game are hidden. (Broccoli, Carrot, Durian)
- Many bonuses are waiting for you on the hidden stage.
- You can buy special items by collecting coins and star coins.
- Destroy many enemies by detonating bomb blocks and get coins!

Rescue the princess with Super Durigo and save the energy kingdom from crisis!
Download now!