Spider Power Rope Hero - Super Crime City Battle

Spider Power Rope Hero - Super Crime City Battle

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Download and play 'Spider Power Rope Hero - Super Crime City Battle' the amazing spider frog hero games and stickman games with a mission far from home. Here the fight is not a simple street fight instead its the super spider hero & rope hero fight in the crime city full of gangsters and opponent rope heroes.

Step into the fighting battle arena of spider heroes with ultimate spider powers to defeat the gangsters of crime city. All your home town is under the brutal fighting of real gangsters.You have to prove that you are the real warfare hero of spider hero games and stick man warriors games. Your anger should beat all the opponents of superheroes games.Situation of crime city has gone worse and mafia gangsters have spread everywhere.In this critical situation you are the only hope of your squad spider heroes and rope heroes.

Conqueror the battlefield of crime city with firepower of advance superhero and amazing spider powers skills. Be the real super hero and Knock down all the champions of this fighting games contest.Do not run into crime vegas city with blood and robbery.

You are the warfare hero and you can make everything possible like a stickman fighter you can rob and catch all the crime city criminals. Use your super spider and rope hero skills on motor bikes from streets and shoot down the strange gangsters. Like a real rope hero you can sling from tower to tower and reach to the top of building.Be ther hero like other stickman games to viwe the city to find the criminals.Police is with you.

Spider Power Rope Hero - Super Crime City Battle is a city simulator in third person view (and FPS mode), where you become a spider stickman rope like a ninja hero.
all the gangster and criminals of crime city will fears you, be careful and finish all the mission. Let’s start your adventure far from home

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