Dinosaurs Puzzles for Kids - FREE

Dinosaurs Puzzles for Kids - FREE

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A fun application for activities matching both kids as well as adults.

This puzzles application is full with images of dinosaurs, their names and the sounds they make.

This Free jigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing 80 different dinosaur puzzles: pterodactyl, triceratops, archaeopteryx, suchomimus, ankylosaurus, stegosaurus,
tyrannosaurus rex, parasaurolophus, apatosaurus, spinosaurus. It is a fun and educational learning game for preschool children and toddlers including those with autism.

This game has a couple of activities in which the small kids will enjoy while learning:
1. Animals dressing.
2. Balloons popping.
3. Flying rockets.

Encouragement feedback will always encourages and praises your kids and motivate them to continue to build their vocabulary, memory, and cognitive skills while playing. The game is enriched with animations, pronunciations, sounds and interactivity for repeat playing & learning. It will keep your kids busy and yet you will never be worried about them losing any piece of the puzzles!

We, at Forqan Smart Tech, have always sought to provide the best for your children through applications designed, and directed each age group separately, our belief in the feature each evolutionary stage passes by your son, but in order to lend life skills and the mentality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, and to communicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.

This app is available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, German & Arabic.

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