Golden Style

Golden Style

Version v1.0
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Surprise !

Trfndsnan rare golden package (VIP)

All training and tweaks the software program dedicated team prepared to use server Rdlayn

But copying of the contents and internal software applications and publish them in any way is prohibited!

Some features of the app:

Troubleshooting slow and not loaded and hide images and videos Telegram Telegram speed of nearly 100% in less than a minute by you without any software


Secret accounts Telegram, Line, WhatsApp ...


Training of 100% definite problem in the bin without a rod


Android Persian fonts in Office


Persian of Android without having to be routed without flash


Persian menu and activate the hidden language in Android 4.0 and up Samsung


Ruth Android phones -Nskhh Peru with a valid serial


Find and remove the lock Pattern and user code without the need for flash and wiped







Golden Tskhh gaming adapter PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 for Android


Special straw are open:


Show hidden traps in the game stubble without



Mai straw stubble F-Bot robot game Kellens + mode version


Intelligent robot stubble off Kellens




Inactivate and remove system apps without rooting


Increase newspaper pages Games

Hay day

 From 10 to 16 pages


Download foreign music for free for Android updated


Get free gift cards guarantee


Implementation of multiplayer games without the need for a wireless SIM card with Internet


Troubleshooting "Ben" in the game

Modern Combat 5

 And exit b.


All software are available in the full version

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