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To the trust of my god, the only Lord, and the Lord of life and wisdom

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The great sound of it has greatly enhanced the spirituality of the program.

Sayyid ibn Tavous in the book of Sharif Mahjd al-Dawat, from Amir al-Mu'minin (as), cites this prayer with many virtues and prophecies that the Prophet (pbuh) said: "If anyone calls God to the names in this prayer, And for any other purpose, including the forgiveness of sins, the removal of grief and cruelty, the suffering and suffering of the oppressors, the healing of the insane and the ease of delivery, the elimination of hunger and thirst, and the preservation of the house from the burning, and many Is effective. The prayer is perhaps a prayer that Allaah Hemmati was all about to read.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says: "If someone prays this prayer on the iron sheets, it will be ironed by the permission of Allah. And if anyone calls this prayer on a mountain that prevents him from reaching the destination, the mountain will collapse!

Exercise Prayer is very effective for heart luminosity.

 The Word of the Rabbani and the Master of Hazrat Haj Seyyed Hossein Yaghoubi Qa'eni Dam of Zelda Alali:
      This prayer, narrated from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP), is a great prayer for Allah and has a lot of virtue. If a person is ready, he will read it for monotheism.
It is recommended to read it every night, especially on Friday nights.

Your prayer is very virtuous and enormous

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The condition for downloading Salavat for the health of Mr. Imam Zaman (AS)

Do not forget to pray for the rise of the advent and the truth

Allaham peace be upon him and Mohammad al-Muhammad and Allah

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