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Alpha Software Group
The software is consisted of three parts
- Charge
- Payment of Bills

Section I:

Another way to recharge your phone and do a more complete
- MTN recharge
- Charge Rightel
- Charge MCI
- Charge Card
- Isim will be added soon
Select your recharge amount and click on it.
Enter your account number and password after the second

MTN internet packages and MCI within the same program can charge
No Internet
MTN Internet and mobile enabled applications within their first
Get this popular merry song
Request a free call and send ...
Even within the application code to recharge your battery and charging you to enter

Part II:
Pay your bills quickly and coveniently with this software do
Payments include WiMAX Internet bills charging .... charging for internet service .... Shatel

The code used in this software is that such a large increase USSD

Great graphics and cool interface
The proposed 3.2-inch screen

I can use
With your feedback to make our group more software support ...

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